Kids are better at technology than adults. They pick it up fast, they seem to have an innate understanding of it, and basically, they’re growing up with something that joined us somewhere along the way.

My kids have been talking to Alexa ever since they could figure out how to say her name, and I’ve gotta say, the results have been occasionally hilarious.

Here are 12 other kids who were talking to Siri or Alexa and honestly…I’m not sure whether we’re winning or losing as a species.

12. She is a fast learner.

I’ll give her that.

11. As it should.

Everyone knows that 3yos run the world.

10. Way ahead of its time.

Don’t try to argue with her; she’s right.

9. Well now I need to know the answer.

Good thing I’ve got an Alexa or six.

8. Dead at “aunties.”

We’re all redefining “family” these days.

7. The robots have to be good for something.

And her explanation can’t be scarier than the one I got from my 6th grade health teacher.

6. Someone has Alexa.

He probably heard it on YouTube.

5. Shame is doesn’t work that way.

What good is she??

4. Ooh I haven’t thought of that.

Do you suppose it works?

3. Those are not the same thing.

She never listens when you really need her to.

2. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I’m sure the novelty wears off eventually.

1. You can’t have it both ways.

Never make fun of toddlers, period. They will have their revenge.

I’m not sure we’re smart in inviting the robots into our homes, but at least we’re getting some laughs out of it.

You know. Before the uprising begins.

I wonder which side the kids will be on when it does?