If you are married, there are days (or weeks) when your partner will almost get themselves murdered in some fashion. It could be something they say, or something they do, or maybe they just decide it’s a good idea to crunch their way through a cup of ice at 10pm. IN BED.


Whatever the instances, the best way to handle said murder temptation is through humor (or maybe therapy or meditation) – a trick these 12 women have down pat.

12. That is true love.

I’m not that nice, I guess.

11. It all depends on your definition of the word.

And no, you shouldn’t clarify.

10. Your point?

Just get the list, man.

9. Definitely torture each other just for fun.

Otherwise, why be married?

8. I can’t stop laughing.

Priceless moments.

7. Probably not the photos he hoped to receive.

But perhaps just as effective.

6. Every morning it feels twice as long.

The rest of the day is better, I hope.

5. Ah, the perks of being a woman.

You know it’s not gonna matter to them.

4. Why do those even exist?

Who eats them? They are monsters.

3. It’s like it was his first day.

You know better, Sir.

2. Literally no one is listening.

Why would they? You’re always there to ask again.

1. Why is this so painfully true?

At least, it is over here.

These made me laugh; I must be married.

Yep, just checked. I am indeed married. Whew! Glad I confirmed that.

Which one of these hit home for you? Let’s commiserate together!