Most of the time when kids think they are pulling one over on their parents, in reality, their parents have been onto them the whole time, and the other shoe is about to drop.

In these 12 cases, though, the parents are actually clueless, and have no idea what’s going on behind their back.

12. That is responsible pet ownership right there.

But also I feel like he would be easy to hide. I hid a whole cat in our dorm room.

11. That is a good sibling right there.

Always help, never rat.

10. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Your parents are probably happy, too.

9. Her parents never had the electrical checked?

I definitely would, if it happened more than once. Because I am lazy.

8. At least it’s classy.

I mean, it’s black and white so it must be.

7. I mean, they’re going to find out eventually.

But in the meantime, this kid is living his/her life.

6. The smell is going to give that away eventually.

Among other things.

5. It probably helps that Samsungs are superior products.

Maybe this is why so many husbands prefer them, too…

4. Who, aside from tailgaters, need to drink all day?

Maybe adult people who live with their parents.

3. How could you even be angry at her?

This girl is goals.

2. How does this even happen?

I am having an anxiety attack just looking at it!

1. Do they not…watch movies?

This is not a very good code.

I’m at that age where I definitely sympathize with the parents instead of the kids! Ha!

Have you ever really gotten away with something? Have you, as a parent, gotten duped? Tell us the story in the comments!