No, most kids ARE NOT geniuses.

But that’s okay, right, because they’re kids? Despite our tongue-in-cheek responses to the not-so-smart things kids do on a regular basis, the truth is that we know they’re not dumb – they’re still learning!

It takes a lifetime to figure out most things about being a human being, of course, and these 12 kids are just starting out…a fact that is made completely clear by these bonehead moves!

12. They all are.

That grandpa was no dummy.

Image Credit: Reddit

11. It’s nice to know your starting point.

Kiddos have a ways to go this semester.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. This mom only went to the bathroom for 5 minutes.


Image Credit: Reddit

9. That’s a pretty dress.

Until you see the gremlin busting out of it.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. I need to hear mom’s side of the story.

Because the thoughts going through her head…

Image Credit: Reddit

7. Seriously they can’t find anything.

Also they will cry over anything.

Image Credit: Reddit

6. I don’t even know what’s going on here.

I also don’t think I want to know.

Image Credit: Reddit

5. A literal child.

Alllll of those grapes are ruined, though.

Image Credit: Reddit

4. That mom hated herself afterward.

You can tell by the sound of their voice whether the emergency is real.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. I’m sure your kid can one-up this at some point.

Never tempt fate this way, lady.

Image Credit: Reddit

2. That is the face of a boy with regrets.

He just needed a hug.

Image Credit: Reddit

1. That girl in the middle is the happiest, and…

I need some backstory for this picture.

Image Credit: Reddit

Ah, I can’t wait until my kids are older and understand sarcasm!

What’s the dumbest thing one of your kids has done? Tell on them in the comments!