I support every person’s right to decide what sort of family they want to have – kids, no kids, partner, no partner, a bunch of partners, whatever.

There are some things you can’t know, though, and that you definitely won’t find amusing, unless you have children – and these 12 memes fall into that category for sure.

12. I can’t imagine a better comeuppance for telemarketing.

The toddler will make anyone have regrets.

11. It is a truth universally known.

You also might have to take Dramamine.

10. Isn’t summer vacation lovely?

And now it basically lasts forever.

9. Nap time is sacred, y’all.

Never ring a doorbell between noon and four.

8. They will throw you under the bus every time.

They do not, and I can’t stress this enough, care.

7. Or they want to play a game on your phone.

Or they want a snack.

6. At a minimum.

We have a lot of together time to counteract right now.

5. You have to pretend there’s nowhere you’d rather be.

When everyone knows you’d rather be in Europe. Or getting a pedicure.

4. To be fair, you still don’t have to entertain them.

As long as you don’t let them kill each other.

3. It’s a grand, old tradition.

You understand your own parents so much better now.

2. You see their beautiful faces in person all day long.

All day long. Every single day.

1. Yeah, stop saying this.

We’re all aware that we’re supposed to be enjoying things and they go so fast.

Now that I’m part of the kid club, I definitely laughed at these.

What’s something you didn’t realize until you had kids? Tell us in the comments!