There’s never any shortage of parenting tweets floating around the internet, but let me tell you – not all of them are gems. You can spend hours wading through the mediocre ones to get to the cream of the crop, and honestly, sometimes you can still miss the best of the best.

That’s where we come in, because we’re all about tracking down the parenting tweets you just can’t miss. And if you ask us, these 12 tweets have hit the funny truth right out of the park!

12. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Also, maybe teach him about how generations work.

11. There’s always more than one reason.

Hugs will fix more than you think.

10. She hit the nail on the head, am I right, ladies?

Time for Papa Bear to make dinner.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. One day she’ll figure it out.

And then the two of you will have a sweet secret.

8. We all get there eventually.

It’s the inevitable way of things.

7. This is quite the protip.

I might go use it right now.

6. Questions we all have.

But that no one really wants to answer.

5. Girlfriend is all about the drama.

I approve, wholeheartedly.

4. How dare, Mother.

Once a snail-eater, always a snail-eater.

3. Walk in closets are amazing.

But really any room with a door will do.

2. Gets ’em every time.

They don’t grasp the “don’t give them a reaction” thing until later.

1. No one is asking for a bite of lettuce.

Even though they definitely should be.

Those were 100% worth my time, so I hope you feel the same way?

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