I think that most parents weren’t really prepared for what it was going to take to keep kids on track as they learned from home, all while they tried to maintain their own careers and keep calm during unprecedented times.

We’re all coping as best as we can, and I don’t know – I think it kind of helps to know we’re not alone.

12. That sounds about right.

It could be worse, honestly.

11. None of that was a thing 6 months ago.

We’re old, but we’re not that old.

Distance learning
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10. Why are they like this?

Just ask your teacher!


9. We’ve kept it a secret for so long, too.

One more reason to hate this pandemic.


8. Now to figure out how to use them.

Where’s my drink?

7. It’s a real gas, I tell you.

As long as you have a drink.

6. They will tell alllll your business.

Beware the child on the internet.

5. At least, today it was her.

Tomorrow, it could be any of us.


4. At least you’re getting a workout?

It will negate the stress eating. Sort of.


3. We’re all going just a bit mad.

Some of us more than a bit.


2. We’re not even exaggerating.

Well, maybe a little.


1. You’re alive, aren’t you?

So, it could have been worse.


We are going to get through this, y’all, and listen – the kids will be all right.

For a lark, tell me your favorite thing about having your kids learning from home!