If you’re a parent, you know that it’s easier to find the humor in life on some days than others. Life, it can get you down – if you let it.

If you’re trying not to get dragged down today, don’t worry – these 12 parents know what you need, and they’re bringing the funny!

12. Fix it?

Are you saying there’s a problem?

11. That’s a lot of cleaning.

I love how she just side-stepped the naked kid.

10. It’s important to speak their language.

So you know where you stand.

9. Maths are hard for some people!

We can’t all be geniuses.

8. I legit snorted.

I wonder how long that one is going to last.

7. I would also like the address.

It seems like that was an easier way to do things.


6. Always ask clarifying questions.

Rookie mistake right there.

5. Unless she’s Snow White.

And honestly, even she didn’t try to tame a bear.

4. They will cry over anything.

Literally anything.

3. You never know if you don’t try.

That’s definitely what s/he was thinking.

2. I think any of them.

That’s the right answer, right?

1. Oh my god.

I’m dying, as well.

One day maybe one of my own tweets will make a list like this.

Wouldn’t that be fun?