I love hearing stories about the way people met, especially when you’re talking about our grandparents generation, when the internet really wasn’t an option.

It’s funny to think that, if you’re open to the possibilities, you really can meet someone anywhere – or I guess if you’re a believer in fate, then it was just meant to be.

Either way, these 12 people’s grandparents made it all work!

12. You don’t hear stories like this much anymore.

I guess when you know, you know.

11. Quite a peace offering.

I never got anything that nice.

10. Oof that poor other lady.

Good story, though.

9. She knew for sure he was polite.

That’s a pretty good start.

8. My jaw is just hanging open.

That woman is a hero for our times.

7. Talk about a leap of faith.

Thank goodness it found the right guy.

6. She does look like a cool a$s chick.

I bet he never had one ounce of regret.

5. Definitely a better ending to Romeo and Juliet.

Except for the Taylor Swift one, of course.

4. He knew that was a woman he needed.

Brave and selfless. Brava.

3. Talk about keeping it all in the family.

I honestly couldn’t quite follow that.

2. One you have to read to believe.

Imagine something good coming from the dentist!

1. She had to decide whether to kill him or keep him.

I hope she chose wisely!

I love these little glimpses into the past, don’t you?

If your grandparents have a cool story, share it with us in the comments!