If you’re a parent, there’s nothing better than hearing stories from other parents. Whether they’re tales that make you cringe, relayed conversations that crack us up, or just proof that everyone out there with kids is having the same day-to-day ups and downs as you are.

So, without further ado, here are 12 posts from parents just like you, having days just like yours, but super ready to make you laugh.

12. My house was never too clean.

But it was far, far cleaner than it is now.

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11. There are no days off.

Certainly not sick days, mama. Sorry.

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10. Bless their hearts.

It’s water, kiddo. I’ve explained this before, countless times.

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9. It works the opposite somehow?

Can someone who is an expert on behavior explain this to me?

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8. Some nights are like that.

Very few really involve good sleep.

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7. It does look so fun.

Prayers that when they’re teenagers they’ll fix it for their own dinner.

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6. You say so many things you never could have imagined.

Why would you ever think you had to say that?

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5. Sounds like fun, right?

As much fun as you can have packing lunches, anyway.

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4. Ancient history.

Might as well just walk into the ocean, millennials.

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3. Girlfriend learned that from someone.

I’m just saying.

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2. You never know what’s going to trigger it, either.

Yellow today, blue tomorrow.

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1. No one tell him.

You always, always keep the peace where toddlers are involved.

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See what I mean? Our lives may be different, but also sort of the same at their cores.

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