If you have kids, you know that they really are just little versions of adult human beings. They’re still figuring out who they are, how to wipe their own butts, and how to manage their emotions, sure, but human beings all the same.

They also all latch onto the weirdest things to obsess over as they search for their “thing” in life, but listen – I think we all do this, too!

If you think your kids obsession is super weird, you might feel a bit better after reading these 13 parents’ confessions!

13. They just want to be like us.

It’s kind of cute when you think about it.

12. They say to parent the kid you have.

This feels a bit of a better problem to have, to me.

11. I’d say they’re raising him right.

You’ve gotta get behind your team.

10. Bless his heart.

The line between reality and fantasy can be tough to find.

9. For him or you?

I’m going to go ahead and say both.


8. Sometimes their obsession becomes your obsession.

And you’re super thankful for it.

7. You’ve got to admire his commitment.

I’ve gotta think he’s going to blink eventually.

6. This is one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

I can’t stop giggling.

5. There are more annoying things about IKEA.

I’m just saying. You know I’m right.

4. We don’t need more reasons to cry every day.

I’m just saying.

3. It’s all a matter of perspective.

And if she can get the cat to talk I think you should let her.

2. I never thought Yosemite Sam could be wholesome.

Not to mention charming.

1. My son is the same way.

It’s adorable until the nightmares keep him up at night.

Kids are so weird but also delightful and the best, right?

What is your kid obsessed with? Share with us in the comments!