Weird parents, and people in general, are not appreciated nearly enough. They make us laugh, they’re unapologetically themselves, and when they’re parents, they delight in embarrassing their kids just because they can.

I aspire to be as funny and weird as these hilariously awesome parents.

13. This man is making it happen!

Tell me those looks aren’t snazzy?!

12. When your dad delights in mortifying you.

It’s an important part of parenthood.

11. This woman is a hero.

It’s important to hydrate, after all.

10. It does other things than guacamole.

But that is the most delicious one.

9. You don’t want to be caught without sprinkles.

Better than popping actual pills, right?

8. You’ll have to be more specific next time.

They are in water, after all.

7. That’s not a half-bad idea.

I would have died had I gotten this text.

6. You gotta have a little fun with them before you give them what they want.

How would they know you were their parents otherwise?

5. He’s watching you.

It’s important to remind your kids never to f%ck up.

4. That’s one way to have the talk.

It’s going to bounce off of him either way. (See what I did there?)

3. You can’t unsee it now.

Also I don’t think I could have eaten that afterward.

2. I cannot stop laughing at this.

That poor dog!

1. Moms got puns!

And I am here for them.

These are some of the best tweets I’ve read in ages!

Which one of these did you laugh at the hardest? Fess up in the comments!