This year might not quite look and feel the same as a normal back-to-school, but maybe that means we’ve all been looking forward to it in a whole new way. In a world that seems upside down, a little routine and normalcy would do us all some good.

These 13 moms know that – and they also know that when kids and back-to-school are involved, almost nothing will go as planned.

13. They’re always watching.

And yes, they will tell the teacher on you.

12. The same thing happened here today.

I really, really wanted to say yes.

11. Maybe that means…

Nah, probably not.

10. Seems like a solid plan.

I mean, it’s worked for centuries.

9. Yeah, no one ever had s^x on a computer.

But at least you can’t get pregnant that way.

8. That’s what they hear every morning.

Honestly, it’s what I hear every morning, too.

7. Is this a trick question?

I don’t think it is.

6. It’s all fine.

We’re all doing fine, why do you ask?

5. It’s strange what you end up missing.

I wonder how long it will take us all to forget again.

4. Yeah we’re not doing that.

And you can’t make us.

3. Now that is a moment to panic.

I’m sure teachers are used to parsing these things.

2. A girl after my own heart.

Motivation is hard.

1. At least that means no awkward smiles this year.

They’ll find some other way to flub it, though, watch.


I’m happy to be back in a routine, even if it’s a disaster and no one knows what’s going on, aren’t you?

What’s the funniest thing to happen in your house since your kids have gone back to whatever version of school they’re attending?

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