It’s barely even fall yet – we’re just decorating with pumpkins and spooky things, just running to get coffee laden with our favorite autumn flavors, just starting to enjoy cooler weather here and there – but everywhere you go, stores are already shoving Christmas and other holiday decorations straight into our faces.

Whether you’re ready or not (and you’re not ready for this), Christmas is coming – and “Baby Shark” is making an appearance.

Image Credit: YouTube

If you’ve got little kids, you’re surely aware by now of the adorably catchy “Baby Shark” tune that took the world by storm – and if you’re not, please, tell me your secrets!

In it, a baby shark and his/her family chomp around chasing prey, and your kids probably giggle as they “run away” as the song suggests.

Image Credit: YouTube

In the Christmas version, the sharks are wearing Santa gear, reindeer antlers, and elf hats, and instead of trying to eat people, they’re making and delivering gifts instead.

Image Credit: YouTube

The holiday-themed version was created by Super Simple Songs (another YouTube lifesaver if you’ve got littles, fyi), not PinkFong, who came up with the original “Baby Shark.” They are similar, but slightly different in tempo.

It will be nice to switch it up for a month or two, don’t you think?

Image Credit: YouTube

I say yes, and you know what? This is certainly a year when we can use all of the holiday cheer and smiles we can get – so just relax and let all of the “Baby Shark” tunes wash over you while you deck the halls in a few months.

For now, please enjoy your autumn decorations, scents, and foods… because there’s no Halloween version of “Baby Shark….”