It’s easy enough to get angry with the person you live with, have children with, and/or supposedly love for all eternity. Co-habitating, life, kids…it all gets to you.

But listen. Save your anger for the times when you really can’t see another way, and not for the moments like these, when your husband really, really tried.

I mean, he still failed. But cut him some slack (for once).

Yes, this advice is meant for me as much as the rest of you.

13. Did he feed the dog, though?

I suppose something can be both a win and a fail at the same time.

12. She asked for “a posh facemask to pamper at home.”

This just made me laugh. At least she can wear it to pop ’round the store.

11. I’ll make the apple pie, he said.

I have no idea what I’m looking at here but I need details.

10. What’s sad is he probably thinks it looks exactly the same.

Why are throw pillows a thing, anyway?

9. Those are not the disinfectant wipes you were looking for…

Though thinking about it a little more, it could have been a hint.

8. Whoops. I guess dinner will be ready in another 6-8 hours.

Just call it breakfast for tomorrow and call for a pizza.

7. You can kind of see that it used to say…something.

This man is not a scientist.

6. Eh, it’s pretty much a vase.

I actually think the color looks nice!

5. This is the start of a terrible, very bad, no-good day.

I sincerely hope there were already some eggs in the skillet.

4. At least he’s not hanging by his neck.

That elf is going nowhere, my friends.

3. That could make quite an interesting dessert.

I’m honestly wondering if it worked at all.

2. He “cut” the pizza. And picture number two is “chips and cheese.”

Which technically, it is.

1. They are just overgrown children.

But I mean. It’s hung up and she doesn’t have to wear it with weird wrinkles, so.

The only thing left to say is just bless their little pea pickin’ hearts.

Has your husband had a well-meaning but total fail moment?

Share it with us in the comments!