“Stay weird” is something I say to my kids all the time because normal, average people are boring and I had kids so people would entertain me at home for the rest of my days.

And the parents of these 13 kids are never going to be bored because their kids are super, delightfully weird and they don’t care who knows it.

As it should be.

13. It’s sort of healthy, so I’d just roll with it.

My toddler would 100% eat this.


12. This is just flat-out hilarious.

Those things are just probably lying around now anyway.


11. That is a queen in the making.

Or someone who is working on creative shivs for prison.


10. Maybe this mom should clean the floors more often.

Or the kid should do it. They look old enough.


9. This is the bedroom of a future serial killer.

Or someone who needs an audience 24/7.


8. That’s actually pretty good.

We will go to any length to get our kids to eat.


7. I might have some questions for this child’s babysitter.

Like…or maybe it’s just that you forgot to put parental controls on the iPad?


6. Maybe they’re rationing their own soda?

I wish my kids would do this.


5. Don’t you know that ketchup is an acceptable topping for anything?

And everything. Literally everything.


4. That’s kind of terrifying.

But also, did you find it back in the fruit bowl? Or is that just my demons…


3. Frosting first, because it’s the best part.

Also, you can feed the rest to your little brother or your dog.


2. What a little fashionista.

When you’re fabulous, you’re fabulous.


1. You are raising George Costanza.

Congrats are definitely not in order.


I love every single one of these kids and I salute their parents for making them.

What’s the funniest, weirdest thing your kid has ever said or done?

Share it with us in the comments!