Some kids are content to be little. They play games with their friends, live for toys and candy, snuggle you like sweet little bugs at night, and that, let me tell you, is fantastic.

Other kids are born into the bodies of little CEOs, and they really don’t see any reason to wait to start bossing people around and implementing great ideas – because of course, they know best.

These 13 kids are definitely the latter, and you know…they seem pretty fantastic, too.

13. If she or he didn’t get a A…

The teacher would not have an argument against.

12. She knows cheese is life.

Very innovative. I doubt a teacher would even get mad (because cheese).

11. Not exactly what Mom meant by “go outside and get some exercise.”

You have to appreciate the innovation, though.

10. Easier to find than a belt?

I do hate belts…

9. You’ve gotta tip your hat to this level of lazy.

It looks like a hot day.

8. He’s going to be running McDonalds before you know it.

How come no one ever thought of that before now?

7. Those things would fly off shelves.

Everyone loves miniatures, for some reason.

6. All of the scents at once?

Bold move, kid.

5. I’m going to clip one of these to all of my spoons.

Especially the one I use to stir pancake batter.

4. Self-adhesive and absorbent.

A+ on taking care of yourself.

3. No one is going to want to put those on food now, though.

Maybe that was part of her evil plan.

2. That’s one way to intimidate your opponent.

I would run the other way, personally.

1. This is better than most ideas adults are having right now.

I say we give them a shot.

It takes all kinds of people, right?

If you’ve got a little boss living with you, tell us the moment you realized what you were dealing with!