Parenting is like a secret society, in that you have absolutely no idea what you’re really getting into until you’re already knee-deep in what definitely feels like illegal hazing and you realize no one is ever coming to your rescue.

But you know, in a good way.

If you know what I’m talking about, these 11 memes should tickle your funny bone!

11. So many things make sense now.

And so you repeat the cycle.

10. It still might be the best part of your day.

Outings are a crap shoot.

9. And no, the smell doesn’t deter him.

Why would it?

8. No one to blame but your own genes.

And your mother, for wishing this on you.

7. A controversial choice.

It will make life easier, though.

6. Life is rough, isn’t it?

And then you have kids, and realize how true this statement is.

5. On the bright side, now she’s ready for college.

Everything works out eventually.

4. She’ll say yes.

She’s a liar, though.

3. Repeat this to yourself as often as you need.

It is 100% true.

2. This is me with my husband now.

I can’t wait to insult my kids.

1. She’s tough.

She’s not wrong, though.

Truer memes have never been posted, right?

Which was your favorite? Tell me in the comments!