One of the best things about parenting is when your kid starts to talk (so that you can understand them).

No, not the constant “mommy mommy mommy look look LOOK” stuff, but the way they just say whatever is on their mind, and are so sure they’re right every single time.

The mistakes they make are adorable and hilarious, and these are some of the best around.

13. In real life, though, the hippies eat everything.

Especially the rich.

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12. It’s pretty funny that he can say “vagina” but not “dinosaurs.”

I think…good job?

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11. In our house they’re called “fingers.”

Just sayin’.

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10. Kids definitely pray at its weird altar.

And parents beg it for deliverance. He might be onto something.

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9. I think that’s their tagline.

Or it was before the whole going out of business thing.

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8. Talk about spreading Christmas cheer.

I can’t stop laughing.

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7. That is not even remotely correct.

Except for the chicken part, maybe.

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6. I mean…we do sort of plant them there.

We don’t water them, though, because we definitely don’t want them growing.

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5. To be fair it says Jell-O on the package.

So really he can just read way to go.

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4. America still isn’t grown, clearly.

This is the content we all signed up for, please and thank you.

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3. If he’s eating it because it’s an apple, definitely don’t say anything.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

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2. You need to think about what you’ve done.

Before someone calls CPS.

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1. Definitely the kid.

Unless it’s that one Canadian couple. You know who I’m talking about.

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I would have been wheezing with laughter if my kid had come up with some of these!

What’s the funniest wrong name your kid has given something? If it’s as good as these, I need to hear it!