Parenting books and websites and forums and groups are great. They really are, because you’re going to need somewhere to go for support when nothing they tell you can help solve the problem you’re currently facing down with your kid.

There’s no way to prepare for being a parent, and there are definitely moments – like these 16 – that no book could ever guess would happen.

16. They can go round and round for days.

And take you along until you want to puke.

15. I mean, they are humans.

I also hate getting in and also out of the bath.

14. Living with dudes is rough.

And yet we do it voluntarily.

13. I promise no one wants to see that.

Shut up and eat your turkey.

12. It’s a brave new world.

We’re just all trying to keep up here.

11. Sometimes there’s nothing to say.

It doesn’t mean you’ve lost. I don’t think.

10. They really get you with those extras.

It all seems so reasonable at first.

9. Also they will make your nose bleed at least once.

Among other things.

8. It is a nightmare.

You will cut them. They will bleed and you will want to die. (Use the scissors).

7. Maybe there would be one in a book about raising boys.

Sounds about right based on my house.

6. It goes on for years. YEARS.

Of course, you will soon be immune to poop.

5. Three is the sociopath stage.

Also, you should have known her telling you to sleep was a trick. They hate that sh%t.

4. The meals just bleed together.

Because it never, ever ends.

3. Oh but we’ve all been there.

Or somewhere similar. It’s hilarious when it’s not your kid.

2. Oh thank goodness I thought it was just mine.

Why is this a thing though?!

1. This makes me laugh.

Raising sarcastic kids is goals.

Parenting is all about making decisions on your feet, my friends, so make sure you stay limber.

What’s a moment you’ve had as a parent that has just totally stunned you with its randomness? Tell us about it in the comments!