Look, most parents are trying their best every single day. Or at least, we’re trying every day not to do anything that’s going to mess our kids up for life, at any rate.

Everyone makes mistakes, though, and when your job is 24/7 those mistakes happen pretty often – and if you have kids, you know that certain mess ups are going into the Hall of Shame and you’re never going to be able to forget them.

Once these 13 parents slipped up, they should have known they would never live it down.

13. Siblings are a special brand of he%l.

But we still love them for some reason.

12. He might have done it on purpose.

I’m just saying.

11. She just found her new Twitter bio.

I mean. What an honor.

10. They’re not taking any chances.

Especially when it comes to fish.

9. At least there are options.

Not good ones, but options.

8. Everybody is a critic.

That goes double for driving.

7. That’s what sticks out in his mind.

They’re like steel traps…when they feel like it.

6. All the food belongs to toddlers.

That’s house rules across the board.

5. The only time a kid would not want soda.

I mean the ONLY time.

4. Never trust your sister.

Rookie mistake (that was probably never repeated).

3. Not the mac and cheese!

You’d think it would be impossible to mess up, and yet…

2. Those kind of trust issues run deep.

But it’s hard not to forgive cheese.

1. I mean. I’m not sure he’s wrong.

I’m just saying.

Aren’t families just the best, y’all? Ha!

What petty injury are your kids holding over your head? Share it with us down in the comments!