Everyone parents a little bit differently, and every kid is unique, but listen – there are some experiences that everyone can recognize when it comes to bringing up kids from babies to teens to adults.

So, if you’re anywhere on that path, or have traveled it already (does it ever end?!), these 13 memes are going to make you nod and smile.


13. I’m definitely going to remind them of this one day.

It’s going to be great. If I survive.

12. They can always find you.

And no matter how early you wake up, they’ll wake up, too.

11. This is hilarious and I’m stealing it.

My husband won’t mind it’s fine. We only have wiffle ball bats.

10. My youngest is especially bad about this.

Jealousy starts young, my friends.

9. It’s the cruelest of jokes.

But we wouldn’t be able to watch Netflix or read books otherwise, so.

8. You have to do what keeps you going.

Sometimes that’s processed pastries.

7. They have to make everything so hard.

Who doesn’t love sleep?

6. We’re all a bit better after a vacation.

Regular ones are best and yes it’s been way too long.

5. This just made me laugh.

You gotta find the funny stuff and hang onto it, y’all.

4. As is everything I do for you all day every day sweetheart.

Now clear the damn table!

3. You’ll be much happier once you accept this.

Your mother will never accept it, though. You’ll have to accept that, too.

2. How about the fifth time you’ve had to WIPE their buttcrack?

Why do they poop so often?

1. It’s really one of the biggest sacrifices you can make.

The alternative is getting up in the middle of the night. No thanks.

I’m early on the journey here, but I’m feeling these!

Which one of these hit you just right? Tell us in the comments!