Children say creepy stuff all of the time – so often, in fact, that there are threads and websites dedicated to parents and caregivers being able to tell their stories online.

Some of them are fairly mundane (as these things go), or even easily explained. We’ve sort of accepted at this point that kids can see things we can’t, and maybe even remember past lives since they’re so “new” to earth.

There are times, though, that I imagine it’s quite hard to sleep after a kiddo says something completely random and creepy…and this little boy telling his nephew that the “other man” watches him sleep and night definitely falls into that category.

I would think.

He’s told his cousin not to come into his room until he’s awake (because yeah, kids watching you sleep until you wake up is intensely creepy. The kid doesn’t listen (because he’s a kid) and finally, OP (original poster) got a bit huffy with him about following directions.

The Other Man Watches Me.
byu/Theninth777 inCreepyKids

The kid’s answer? It’s not fair that HE can’t come in the room when THE OTHER MAN watches OP sleep every night!

My face right now, y’all.

This guy had a good suggestion, and I hope OP has asked his nephew to draw this other man. I mean, because it’s important to identify the people in your room at night, obviously

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While this chap thinks perhaps it’s a person at the window, and cameras are in order. Just for peace of mind.

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And yeah..there’s the ghost angle.

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What do you think is going on here? Ghosts? Intruders? Kids being weird?

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