There are all kinds of stories about hauntings, about seeing things, about kids saying and doing creepy stuff that can’t really be explained, but when it comes to scary stories, mirrors always get me.

The tales about seeing someone behind you in a mirror, someone coming out of a mirror, all of them – and this one, about a girl (and her mother and her cousin!) who all saw “evil” version of themselves in the bathroom mirror, totally gave me chills.

Mirror Mirror
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It always happened at the same time – 3:15am – and other visitors to the house would see shadows in that same bathroom at random times.

I need to know more, though…she’s going to college and she still doesn’t like mirrors.

Not that I blame her.

People were readily creeped out by what had happened to this girl as a child.

Some expressed their own dislike of mirrors (fist-bump!).

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And this person, too, is still squicky about mirrors – I never thought about the makeup thing.

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The fact that multiple people have had similar experiences just makes me want to nope right out of this thead.

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This commenter definitely speaks for all of us, no?

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What do you make of this story? Did it scare you?

If you think it’s real, what are your theories? Tell us in the comments!