There’s no written formula for what makes a good meme, but you know one when you see it, right? If you want to laugh, want to feel seen, want to just mindlessly scroll an entertaining list?

There’s nothing better.

And we think you’re really going to enjoy these 13 posts, so have at it!

13. Neighborly Pranks, Level 100.

If you’re not messing with your neighbor, what are you even doing with your life?

12. And honestly that’s how you know you’ve gotten old.

But that’s okay. The music really was better back then.

11. Are we absolutely sure, though?

It seems to me that all white people look alike…

10. We honestly need more of these.

You know you’d sign that petition.

9. They had to have done that on purpose, right?

No marketing department could miss that little body.

8. Have you heard? You should drink more water.

It’s good for you and stuff.

7. This is what we’re all waiting for, smart people.

Hearts are great, but what about YouTube?

6. This is the version of the song that we all need.

Also I need that bun.

5. It’s a gift from the gods.

And your prize is a ticket congrats.

4. Everything’s fine.

I give excellent advice. From experience.

3. Eh, I feel like it’s just as accurate as anything else.

It’s all a shitshow y’all and that’s all you need to know.

2. What is this monstrosity and where can I get one?

Kids get all the best stuff.

1. And also you’re too drunk to realize you’re going to puke eventually anyway.

It’s only a matter of time, my friend.

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