There’s no use in fighting the inevitable, right? We’re all going to age – our hair will go gray, our backs will hurt for no reason, we’ll have a tummy, and we’ll start to sound exactly like our parents.

So if you’re a man with kids, you might as well just give into the idea of being the daddest dad on the block! I mean, these 13 men have, and it seems to be working for them.

13. This is one of the weirdest dad genes out there.

Seriously, they all do it!

12. That just seems like a lot of work.

But I mean, I guess what else do you have to do?

11. Now you get to be in charge of people who might actually listen!

Of course, if they don’t you can’t send them to their room.

10. When one just won’t do.

Don’t they know we all have time on our hands?

9. Part of the dad charm is how hard they try.

It’s sweet but also she really wants her hair to look nice.

8. Ah, just what everyone concerned mother wants to hear!

On opposite day, maybe.

7. No one can argue that this is not peak dad.

Some men wait their whole lives for a day like that.

6. If you nap on the couch you can claim you’re just “resting your eyes.”

And that’s bonus points, I’m pretty sure.


Are there hash marks somewhere do you suppose, or…?

4. Knowing your limitations is part of becoming an adult.

Also what in the hell is a Big Green Egg?

3. They were thankful before they had to hear the lecture that went along.

Yes, speaking from experience here.

2. Just dads being every day heroes.

I lol’d at “strongly worded” though.

1. He’s just living the dream.

Seriously, though, New Orleans should always be a yes.

We’ve grown up and had kids; there’s no looking back! Might as well lean into it, I say.

Guys, what was the moment when you stopped and thought “man I really am a dad now?” I want to hear about it in the comments!