Too many parents on the internet seem to like painting a certain type of image of life with kids – it’s all clean and well-behaved and quiet or something.

Other parents, like these 13, know the real power in numbers means letting other parents see behind the curtain – so we can be sure it’s a mess for all of us.

13. Switching cars is off-limits.

Those things are easy, but we dread them anyway.

12. You’d think they would be farther along!

This cracked me up.

11. Is it wrong that I’m laughing?

It’s fine because it’s not my kid. This time.

10. I would sign up for most of these classes.

And some of them I’ve already aced.

9. He’s got your number.

It doesn’t take long.

8. She’s prepared for the day she will become a mother herself.

Your glasses are always on your head, sweetie.

7. They excel in making the easiest things hard.

It’s one of their many talents.

6. I feel like this will only work once.

Still, it’s worth a try.

5. Kids should be allowed to name everything.

It makes so much more sense that way.

4. Just in case you weren’t already aware.

Kind of loses its shine after the first couple of months…of pregnancy.

3. So in that way, they match.

Hard to argue with that logic.

2. Why is there so much trash?

You have to look in there, too, because some of it is your stuff.

1. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Kids don’t understand tone most of the time, so that helps.

These tweets make me feel so much better about my life!

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