Parents have the best Twitter accounts – at least, that’s what I think now that I’m a parent. We just love to congregate and tell war stories and reassure one another that yes, it’s definitely a phase (because it’s always a phase!).

If that sounds like something you need in your life, then please enjoy these 14 lovely tweets!

14. This is the best joke I’ve read in awhile.

And what an excuse for class!

13. Kids are gonna be kids.

Get some tweezers, teachers.

12. Probably more than once.

And if you’ve got two kids (or more), my heart is with you.

11. I’m not sure he knows what that means.

Bless his heart.

10. It’s a beautiful name.

If only it had worked out.

9. That’s the perk of being the teacher.

I hear you get gifts on holidays.

8. “Oh.”

Run if they begin a sentence this way.

7. Honesty is the best policy.

Also they don’t need a reason.

6. Kind of makes you want to cry, doesn’t it?

You’re welcome.

5. Wasn’t that the goal?

Maybe not in so many words.

4. After having two kids, I think this is scientifically accurate.

Fight me.

3. “Walking the dog” is the greatest excuse to escape ever.

May I also recommend listening to audiobooks or a podcast while you do?

2. It’s the patience part that’s the hardest.

It will be the test of your life.

1. It really is.

But I mean, it’s all exhausting, so.

I want to virtually high-five all of these folks!

What’s your favorite parenting account to follow on Twitter? Share with us in the comments!