If you ask me, there’s a reason parents are so funny – we’re sleep-deprived, and also we’ve learned that laughing is the best way to stop from crying into our third cups of coffee.

These 13 parents are hilarious, and luckily for the rest of us, they’re on social media – so please, let them make you happy. At least for today.

13. That doesn’t work on toddlers.

They’re never getting sleepy.


12. They’ll probably be fine.

Hope you have good health insurance.


11. We have no more guesses.

We have run out by the time the oldest turns four.

10. Time to stop watching Spy Kids.

Or possibly The Incredibles.

9. He’s still alive?

Lucky boy.

8. Tell her to take a guess.

And then just nod, whatever she says.

7. That kid knows what he wants.

But this is less adorable if you’re hi parents.

6. It makes sense!

I absolutely love this.


5. I can’t stop laughing.

Classic every kid ever.

4. Kinder teachers get all of the laughs.

Often at the parents’ expense.

3. We’re all a little frazzled.

But at least he got a good snack.

2. This has literally happened to me.

And probably every other mom in the world.

1. Twenty minutes of entertainment?

I fail to see the issue.

I’m dead, y’all. These are just too true.

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