There are many downsides to parenting in the age of the internet (the shaming, y’all!), but one of the major upsides is that you always know there are others out there fighting the good fight right alongside you every single day.

I mean, after you read through this list you’ll also know that those parents are funnier than you, but life is full of tradeoffs.

So, try to enjoy!

13. He probably heard that somewhere before…

I’m just saying.

12. I mean it’s not the worst advice.

He’ll have to let us know how it turns out.

11. OMG I am dead, y’all.

This is SAVAGE.

10. He just needs better menu options.

Step up the offerings, parents!

9. I mean, I don’t need the motivation.

But the recognition is nice.

8. Some advice is just laughable.

So go ahead and laugh at it. Right in their faces!

7. I’m not saying Disney will be more worth it, but…

It definitely won’t be less worth it, either.

6. The things they don’t tell you about before you had kids.

Or maybe they do but you just don’t believe them.

5. No, I won’t be going along.

They’ll be fine. They’re obviously survivors.

4. This is more than slightly accurate.

Although none of us really know about being an adult.

3. Or before having kids, tbh.

They’re totally overrated.

2. Hey, he ate it.

That’s called a win, my friends.

1. Wow, he just woke up and chose violence.

The way only a very young child can.

I’m cracking up and also sort of crying, because that’s parenthood.

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