Life is messy, and that fact compounds with every new person (or pet) that joins yours.

Kids are great but they’re also a tornado of emotions and toys, jabber and sleepless nights, all set to wreak havoc on the lives of adults who had fooled themselves into thinking they were 100% functional.

If you’re needing a reminder that you’re not alone in the hazard zone of your life, these 13 funny tweets from parents just like you should totally do the trick!

13. These kinds of questions hurt.

Because tacos every day sounds great.

12. That stuff is so dang sticky, too.

If only someone would clean it up before it gets crusted on.

11. Mother knows best.

Now there’s someone else who tells you what to do.

10. There are small perks along the way.

You’ve got to grab onto them with both hands.

9. Just take it.

Neither of you wants to talk about that.

8. That knowledge is so close.

It’s gonna be an awkward day when it dawns, full and bright.

7. A pie it is, then.

What a great idea.

6. This is a kid after my own heart.

Also, keep an eye on that one.

5. This is why they make chocolate cereal.

I’m pretty sure.

4. My internal monologue a good percentage of the time.

If only adults could also say that aloud.

3. He gets it.

But also he doesn’t get it.

2. That little liar.

It’s ok. You knew there was something.

1. I can’t stop laughing at this.

No amount of logic can stop a preschooler.


I’m going to go clean up after my little tornados now.

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Thanks Awkward Mom, fam!