There’s a lot going on in the world, and we’ve all got our own battles going on at home, and at work, as well. The internet is sometimes not the best place to go when you really need an escape, but other times, it really really is.

Like when you come across 13 adorable, sweet posts like these that are just the wholesome stuff to set the world right.

For awhile.

13. How have people not learned to treat their food service folks right?

They literally have your food in their hands.


#tacobell #drivethru #fyp The guy in front of us was (jokingly) yelling at the worker and so we asked her what happened..

♬ original sound – Dalton

12. Like a true cat, he’s lying beside it, not on it.

You gotta love ’em. I guess.

My Aunt made a couch for my cat; Pippin
by inmildlyinteresting

11. This is beyond pure.

Did she say she ONLY liked orange, though?

Told my step-dad I prefer the orange jelly beans, this morning I came in to him sorting them into a jar for me
byu/tlj448607 inMadeMeSmile

10. You really never know how you will touch someone.

It doesn’t matter who you are.

It’s the little things
byu/bella3774 inMadeMeSmile

9. Why not both?

The best stories make you smile and cry.

Not sure if i want to smile or cry..
byu/heykevin08 inMadeMeSmile

8. Sometimes you’re just meant to be.

You know it from the very first moment.

7. Bless his heart.

Someone understands mothers.

My neighbor almost had my mom worried for his safety
byu/BossSauce_47 inUnexpectedlyWholesome

6. We all have our crosses to bear.

There are worse things to be addicted to.

5. Gotta love pups and their babes.

It only gets better.

I had a bad mental health day but this made me smile…
byu/Harman1796 inUnexpectedlyWholesome

4. Everyone needs a dad to send them pictures like this?

How do you get through life otherwise?

My Dad is adorable and his bad jokes always make me happy.
byu/cslicemarie inMadeMeSmile

3. All in good fun.

I could watch this all day.

byu/stressed-pancakes inbeyondwholesome

2. I want this woman to be my mom.

In addition to my own, of course.


She’s just too cute not to post guys🥺 #mexicanmom #fy #travel #mom #foreign

♬ original sound – TravelWithMe

1. Who doesn’t love chasing butterflies?

Who doesn’t love otters, for that matter?

A herd of otters chasing the butterfly around
byu/Dansydemansy inbeyondwholesome

Kind of feels like you can take a deep breath, right?

Here’s to all of us finding ways to do that every single day!