While online school is undoubtedly working well for some people, the rest of us are struggling with the transition, and with the reality of all being home together (still).

But listen. As bad as it can seem some days, there’s no arguing that we’re getting humor out of these virtual classrooms that we’d never bear witness to in real life.

So there’s that.

15. A question none of us can really answer.

Mortifying for a teenager, though.


14. That is dedication right there.

I can see how she won her title.


You gotta engage kids somehow #teachersoftiktok #engaging #babyshark #teacherlife2020 #fyp @ashleekskelton

♬ original sound – Hannah Roddy

13. This guy…

Do not be this guy.

12. They’re just asking for it now.

And they’re getting it, too.


gonna respond to this girls discussion question with “hiiiii :)” someone stop me #fyp #foryou #school #drink

♬ original sound – Aidan Wells

11. I promise your teacher is traumatized, too.

What a dork.



♬ original sound – Kylie ❀

10. Teachers deserve a raise, y’all.

I mean. They always did but now especially.


9. Don’t mess with the theater teacher.

You should know that by now, Susanna.


first day of online zoom acting class be like… omg. wouldn’t wanna be suzanna 😭😭 #zoom #fyp #theatrekid

♬ I see ur azz suzanna – grainger

8. Cats are the best part of distance learning.

7. “Ready at the top.”

Everyone’s new standard.


#fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Your Momma Bestie

6. You’d think we’d all learned the mute option by now.

We’ve been at this for months, now.


i wish this was fake…. i got in so much trouble #zoomcallsgonebad

♬ Backyard Boy – Claire Rosinkranz

5. That’s awkward.

It could definitely be worse, though.


4. Important to remember.

Same goes for online dress codes.

3. My favorite part is that kids still think this is a thing.

It’s really not a thing.


2. It’s good to keep the kids engaged.

Teachers are aware.

1. It’s nice to all be on the same page.

A professor with his priorities in order, clearly.

I’m loving people’s honesty about all of this.

We really are all in this together!