As parents, we all know that it’s important to keep tabs on our kids’ social media accounts. We need access to their logins, we need to watch who comments, whether they’re getting suspicious DMs, and everything else that can keep us up at night.

Twitter is hard, because people tweet so much, anyone can follow anyone, and it’s mostly strangers interacting, not real-life friends.

Still, it’s tough to learn things about your child secondhand, so a moment of silence for these 14 parents, please.

14. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Same goes for dad, though.

13. Definitely not helping her case.

This is pretty funny, though.

12. Clearly.

She’s just now figuring this out?

11. This dad is a hero.

You gotta be able to say this to your kid.

10. They have a very interesting dynamic.

College isn’t a time forΒ classes,Β woman.

9. One less now.

Take that, Ma.

8. This mom is a prize.

Embarrassment is always the way to go.

7. Mom’s not buying that, sweetheart.

Say byebye to Twitter now.

6. “Please do not usher in your own early demise.”

I’m deceased.

5. This seems like a bit of an overreaction.

I mean, it wouldn’t be fun, but I’m not sure having a sexual appetite requires therapy.

4. I’ve got to side with the parents here.

No one wants to raise a kid like this one.

3. If he was my kid he would have gotten worse.

Seriously, that kid is the worst.

2. None of this is SFW.

What is wrong with these kids.

1. Nothing wrong with a well-placed swear.

Mom clearly doesn’t understand Twitter.

I am not looking forward to these days with my littles.

If you’ve got tips and tricks for avoiding surprises on social media, share them with us in the comments!