There’s no question that teaching has changed over the past year, and in ways no one really wanted or planned for. Just like parents prefer their kids be in school all day, for myriad reasons, so would teachers prefer to be in the same space with the students they’re instructing.

That said, many are having to adjust to life over Zoom. If there’s an upside, it is, as always, the inherent humor – and these 13 teachers How 14 “Different” Kids Earned Their Reputations having some one-liners that are definitely going to crack you up.

13. The whole first week back after the holidays is just shot.

Might as well just roll with it.

12. You’re going to need to be more specific.

Even if that might not work, either.

Image Credit: Twitter

11. That’s what we all want to know.

Home is such a complicated thing these days.

10. An observant child.

Tell me she was wrong.

9. This is why they got into teaching.

Because kids are actually the best.

8. The children, they are learning.

Cats are the way to go.

7. These teachers really need to start asking better questions.

Not so open-ended, maybe, but then we wouldn’t be laughing!

6. That will take up half the class.

But you just can’t ignore it.

5. The answer to that question is obviously always yes.

Dogs aren’t as good as cats, maybe, but they’re still pretty good.

4. You can always count on kids to ask the real questions.

Don’t lie. You want to know the answer, too.

3. The description of the breath. Hahaha!

Those elusive cats, always messing up school!

2. It’s nice that someone is looking out for you.

Bless her little caring heart.

1. Are they just stalling?

It’s hard to tell, because it’s a legitimate question.


Kids really do say the darnedest things, and I love when people share them!

If you’re a teacher (or a parent with a kid on Zoom), what’s the funniest thing you’ve heard through the screen? Share it with us in the comments!