Let’s be honest – if you’re a parent these days, you’re probably in need of at least a little break. A cup of coffee that hasn’t been reheated three times, kids who can go five minutes without screaming “mom!” or “look at this!”

Sounds lovely, right?

If you’ve managed to secure it, here are 13 tweets to fill the space.

13. Every. Single. Time.

You knew they weren’t listening, though.

12. That toddler is all of us right now.

Honestly, every single day.

11. They wanted to be on top of the heap.

And there they are.

10. We all go a little crazy sometimes.

It’s understandable.

9. As much as it takes to survive any given day.

Go ahead and judge me.

8. Why do they hate sleep?

One day they will love it and we will have our revenge.

7. Same, girlfriend.

Where did I put those cookies?


6. I don’t see any reason to fight it.

Losing battle, that one.

5. They seriously still teach that?

Why on earth?


4. You have to at least act innocent.

I don’t make the rules.

3. We’re all bored, okay?

Just raise your eyebrows and move on.


2. Half the time you’re not even thinking about it.

It just needs to disappear.

1. Put me in, Coach.

The toddler moms of the world have got this.

I really enjoyed that little breather, didn’t you?

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