It’s a bold claim, talking about the best of the year when a) it’s only July and b) this YEAR, Y’ALL.

We’re standing behind it, though, and after you read through these 11 really funny tweets about our favorite subject – parenting these monsters! – you’ll have to tell us whether or not you agree.

11. It’s all about priorities, I suppose.

And kids really know what they don’t like.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. I like how she rolls.

My husband would NOT like the way she rolls.

9. I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked.

I am also extremely jealous.

8. You never believed it would be the former.

And yet, here we all are.

7. Meanwhile the rest of us are still working for a living.

What a bunch of schmucks.

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6. It’s probably the latter.

There’s a good chance he’ll outgrow it, though.

5. Some days you’re just weary to your bones.

They never just “try something new” and “like it.”

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4. I never thought about it like this.

There are so many terrifying things at Chuck E. Cheese – but not as many as there were when I was a kid.

3. Truer words, my friend.

They have never been spoken.

2. Give credit where credit is due.

Pasta is sort of a finger food, though.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. Yeah you definitely don’t want to correct that.

I’m dying laughing, y’all.

I’m on board with all of these tweets, y’all.

I’m just so happy I’m not alone in the crazy. How about you?