When you’re really young, your siblings are some of your best friends. Once you get a bit older they can be a bit annoying, because no one else knows how to push your buttons quite so efficiently, but hopefully once you become an adult, you get to cash in on the advantages of having another human being who knows you inside and out.

Family means different things to different people, but if you’re close to yours, these 13 tweets about what it’s like to grow up with siblings are sure to make you smile.

13. They can do this for hours.

Just try to make them leave.

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12. The person who designed it was definitely a crazy sibling.

Why else would you do that?


11. Or they want something.

It could go either way.

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10. AND they do it on purpose.

Just whenever they’re bored.

9. You don’t even have to throw in the drink.

Or the pizza, depending on the day.

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8. They should have known better.

How dare you breathe in here, ma’am.


7. My younger sister would have been the one with the shovel.

I guess every family is different.

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6. Sometimes they come anyway.

Just because there isn’t much else better to do.

5. Score one for the little guy.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta tip your hat.

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4. And you still wanted your parents to leave you alone again.

You get to order pizza, so it’s a fair tradeoff.


3. Hope they have a partner I guess.

Or a very patient parent.

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2. That’s one way to look at it.

As long as you’re still alive to tell the tale.

1. Do you suppose her brother is Zack Morris?

Signs point to yes.

Being a kid was so great, wasn’t it? Even when it stunk.

What’s your favorite memory of living with your sibling? Share it with us in the comments!