Having a baby – everything from the pregnancy to the actual childbirth to the immediate aftermath – is full of surprises. Sure, some of them are good.

Others, you’re honestly not sure you’re ever going to recover from, no matter how much time you give it.

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That said, I suppose motherhood is meant to change us all in mysterious and unknowable ways…that said, though, these 13 strange-but-not-uncommon things that happen to some women after they give birth are weird enough to warrant a head’s up.

Fair warning, first time pregnant ladies. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now!

13. …because you’re presumably an adult woman?

“I had never grown armpit hair before, but after I gave birth, it started growing and hasn’t stopped!”


12. Well isn’t that fun.

“Breast tissue developed in my armpit. I call it the ‘third boob.'”


11. I call it that “lived in” look.

“My belly button came back in a totally different shape.”


10. So many weird hair-related changes.

“I grew an inch-large patch of super-curly, kinky hair at the crown of my head after giving birth, when my hair has been straight my entire life!”


9. This happened to me, too. So much for losing those last 10 pounds.

“Since giving birth, I’m insanely hungry all the time! I eat way more now than when I was pregnant, and I’m not even breastfeeding!”


8. That…does not sound fun.

“Part of my labia fused together, and I had to have surgery to separate it.”


7. Somebody botched that one.

“My daughter is 6 years old, and a large area of my stomach is still numb post-cesarean.”


6. Of course they do! They’re farts!

“Everybody tells you to exercise your vagina muscles, so I did. But nobody told me to exercise my butthole muscles!

I’ve had the hardest time holding in my farts since giving birth!

“They pop out at the most embarrassing times!”


5. Huh. There goes even MORE money.

“My perfectly straight teeth from having had braces 20 years prior completely shifted!”


4. Stress and hormones affect people in different ways.

“I completely lost my appetite after my son was born. I ended up losing 40 pounds the first two weeks.”


3. Isn’t that lovely.

“My hair changed color when I was pregnant, and now I have a blonde ring around my whole head.”


2. How do you know, though? YOU HAVE TIME TO SHAVE?

“I have stretch marks ‘down there.'” —


1. See, there are upsides too!

“I used to have a pretty drastic meat allergy that would cause me to get a blackout migraine and Exorcist-puke, and it completely went away after I had my daughter.

I can eat any type of meat now without issues!

SO weird.”


I only experienced a handful of these, but those days immediately postpartum are definitely full of wtf moments!

What’s the strangest thing that you were totally unprepared to handle in the first weeks after you gave birth?

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