I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for funny parenting content. Being able to laugh and also know that other people are out there getting it done under the same circumstances is what keeps me going, more days.

If you’re the same, these 13 funny posts from parents like you just might be the thing that gets you to naptime.

13. Her animals are more patient than mine.

Also, what is “relaxing” even?

12. This is the only reason they want to help “make cookies.”

Mine hardly even eat the finished product.

11. You can say she’s not the boss of you, but…

We’ve all seen the evidence to the contrary.

10. It’s fine though.

We’re not slowly going mad. Swear.


9. You’re too tired to look for it.

But don’t worry. Your mother-in-law will find it soon enough.

8. We have to get our kicks somehow.

And somehow we manage to forget what happened the last time.

7. Wait, is that something we can do?

It’s probably only reserved for kids. And husbands.

6. It’s even a tactic to stall eating dinner.

Who knew?

5. She thinks Mom is omnipotent.

It’s kind of sweet. Kind of.

4. You have to admire their minds.

You don’t have to like it, though.

3. Seriously why are they like this.

Take a pile of books instead.

2. I’m sure everyone was very proud of him.

Or grossed out, if they’re child free.


1. Everyone learns that lesson the hard way.

To be fair, it is sort of funny.

Yes, this is why I wade into the internet these days!

Which one of these have you shared with a fellow parent already? Tell us in the comments!