Marriage is tough, y’all. Anyone who tells you differently is definitely selling something – whether to themselves, you, or both.

One of the best ways to survive the years and months (sometimes the hours) is to maintain a sense of humor. If you’re struggling with that today, these 13 women have your back.

13. He’s done it now.

He’s gonna regret that nerd stuff.

12. I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Otherwise, murder shall ensue. Or divorce.

11. He might dispute the “fun” part.

Though he didn’t specify for who.

10. I mean, sometimes the nap just happens.

But not all the time.

9. That’s why you have to take so many selfies.

They do it to themselves.

8. I don’t understand why they can’t charge their phones.

Is it an elaborate plan to avoid talking?

7. Or at the very least, you don’t see the brie.

Just tell her she looks beautiful and can she turn off the light when she’s done.

6. You don’t want to see yourself how they see you.

Not through your phone camera, anyway.

5. There are worse things.

Especially if there are wings.

4. The smart husbands know this.

It goes off in their head like a bullhorn.

3. The answer stands.

The internet is forever, my man.

2. And possibly offer to fix the dryer.

If you want to go the extra mile.

1. I’ll buy it.

Because I’ve heard it alllll the way in the city.

Thank goodness for laughter, y’all. That’s all I have to say.

How do you keep laughing? Tell us your own secrets in the comments!