Like all dad jokes, these walk a fine line between being terrible and being hilarious, and I don’t know…some of these just might come out on the side of the latter.

You’ll have to read them and tell us what you think in the comments!

14. It’s important to know the difference.

I’m pretty sure they’re both in danger of going extinct.

Know the difference, kids
byu/greenliquorbottles inpuns

13. Yes, it is a bit chili outside today.

I will take my chili anywhere I can get it, personally.

Photo Credit: funnyjunk

12. Rock bottom is always a bit lower than you expect it will be.

And this one is nearly beneath the surface.

You thought other puns were bad?
byu/connorlikespie inpuns

11. Never mix dad jokes with science jokes.

And this one is just downright fit for a middle school.

Geology rocks …
byu/hypertonica indadjokes

10. That is some serious commitment right there.

I love this dad. He’s the best.

9. *insert groan here*

The groan is what sustains dads over time

I have to pay for a bus ticket?
byu/DegenerateCuber indadjokes

8. Come ON, hahahahaha.

This one comes out of nowhere.

I’ll just let this sink in.
byu/whenn indadjokes

7. Why am I laughing at this?!

I mean I guess because that’s the beauty of a good pun.

What did one hat say to the other?
byu/afranc72 indadjokes

6. You can’t leave the beans behind.

They are one of the pillars of the Dad joke house.

My dad and his beans.
byu/Starfucks13 indadjokes

5. Don’t hate yourself for snorting. It’s clever!

It’s also dumb, which also makes it an oxymoron, I guess.

Every morning after I get out of the house, a bike comes out of nowhere and runs me over.
byu/porichoygupto indadjokes

4. This needs to stop immediately.

I wonder if this joke only works with a certain age group.

Found this at a local ice cream shop.
byu/_AxeOfKindness_ infunny

3. I actually think this has been there the whole time!

It’s always been present for me, anyway.

A new element has been discovered!
byu/georgke infunny

2. Woooowwwww. So many jokes so little time.

Mostly like…why, though?

1. I love it. LOVE.

This is a joke I would share with MY dad, and he would groan, and nothing would be right with the world.

Photo Credit: Imgur

I’m definitely snorting and giggling at a few of these!

Don’t tell my dad, though.

He doesn’t need any encouragement…