There are plenty of things I love about having little kids – the laughs, the snuggles, the outright sweetness – but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also looking forward to the days when I can banter with my kids (and hopefully one day they will understand sarcasm, too).

These parents have reached that point, and their text conversations are hilarious – just check out these hilarious back and forths!

13. A classic troll.

Simple and elegant is always best.

12. That’s why you’ve had cats your whole life.

Must have been a real eye-opening text. Ha!

11. You can feel the eye roll through the screen.

That’s some strong teen energy.

10. Epic dad moment.

He couldn’t just run it. He had to SET it.

9. This feels more sad than funny.

If he really forgot her birthday, I mean.

8. Just what every kid wants to hear about!

Of course, that’s why we do it.

7. This threw me the first time, too.

We had kids so they could explain this stuff to us!

6. Dang spell check.

She loves you either way, though.

5. She’s excited that he’s old enough to date.

Or the fact that he’s in his mid-thirties makes her feel old.

4. This would have freaked me out.

Like…did she find your diary? Something else?

3. What a way to start the day.

For both of them, to be honest.

2. Voice texts kill so many parents.

Just say no and type it out.

1. Wait until you get here to get drunk.

The booze is free, obviously.

See what I mean? It’s so fun, and it’s something to look forward to about the tween/teen years if you ask me.

Do you enjoy bantering with your kiddos? Tell us in the comments whether you “win” more often or they do!