Entitlement is one of the toughest areas of parenting to navigate for some of us. We want to give our kids all of the things we wanted but our parents couldn’t afford – and we want them to be able to be kids, and not worry about things like money.

That said, we have to balance that with teaching them about personal responsibility and the value of a dollar, and to realize that not everyone gets exactly what they want exactly when they ask for it.

These 16 parents might be leaning a little too hard into the first part, to be honest, because their kids are sounding more than a bit entitled.

16. Addiction is real.

Probably best not to start it in first grade.

My sister who is 7 YEARS OLD wanted a Frappuccino at 9 o’clock and has school tomorrow is throwing a tantrum because my mom didn’t let her get it late at night
byu/Lucario_Girl inentitledkids

15. What on EARTH.

The fact that they’re filming it should be handy for small claims court.

Kids smash glass artwork whole parents stand back and film. Link to article in comments
byu/colerarso inentitledkids

14. She really had to ask AITA?

It blows my mind there are kids out there who don’t know this answer.

Found this gem on r/AmITheAsshole.
byu/MissBarker93 inentitledkids

13. Most kids would be done after one.

I mean, I guess I could see TWO because you really think he learned his lesson but FIVE?

Sounds like someone needs to either stop playing, or get anger management…
byu/Paradigmfusion inentitledkids

12. That’s not how any of this works.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Oh my god, what a spoiled brat.
byu/TheFartingKing_56 inChoosingBeggars

11. This makes me so sad for his parents.

And also kind of sick to my stomach tbh.

byu/lordofthehamstrings inentitledkids

10. I would have bee mortified.

And I for sure would have paid for it.

(Crosspost) – We told someone that we couldn’t sell the fish and their kid threw a tantrum and threw a decoration through the tank
byu/msotelo24 inentitledkids

9. At least he realizes what he raised?

He still seems a bit confused about his role in it, though.

I found this while looking at reviews for an okay gaming headset
byu/glockitsthecops inentitledkids

8. “I couldn’t say no to my kid.”

Could she wave more of a red flag?

“My son must have a £25k car as a present, it’s an EMERGENCY”
byu/lewwyt inChoosingBeggars

7. I’m not a fan of violence.

But I feel it in my heart right now.

Some kids are the worst kind of choosing beggars.
byu/SunBlue inChoosingBeggars

6. OK well no gifts for you.

ou asked for it!

entitled rich kid asks for birthday money
byu/bloodydickens inChoosingBeggars

5. This is fairly epic.

It does take a village, they say.

Saw this on Facebook today, made me giggle a bit.
byu/queenboogie67 inentitledkids

4. I really hope the joke ended up being on her.

Her dad needs to grow a backbone for sure.

Wow. spoiled af.
byu/Happyboi12345 inspoiledkids

3. She bought herself a car with her own money that she earned herself?

HOW DARE I guess.

Entitled kid jealous of his mom getting a car
byu/snowmanfrigs inChoosingBeggars


I mean I agree about the Little Caesar’s, though.

EK complaining they have to eat pizza instead of a nice home cooked meal
byu/LumpyLionezz inentitledkids

1. I bet his parents are sorry he learned to read.

I would have bought it and then driven straight to the nearest donation bin and chucked it in.

The photo says it all
byu/SantaClaws004 inentitledkids

I sincerely hope these kids grow out of this attitude, and I’m crossing my fingers mine never act like this around strangers.

Because woof.

How do you strike this balance with your kids? We’d love to hear all of your tricks in the comments!