This past year has been something else, with students, teachers, and parents all figuring out how to navigate online school together, and with very little warning.

It’s not surprising that people have tons of hilarious stories about mishaps and the like – for one, no one knows what they’re doing and two, we have to laugh so we don’t cry.

If you love hilarious remote learning tales, these 14 stories are going to tickle your fancy!

14. I bet the students loved it.

Not a student but teacher. I completely embarrassed myself by forgetting to end the recording after a Google Meet lesson…so the last 5 minutes of the session is me talking to my cat.

Our school doesn’t have the premium software to edit the recordings so it had to go up on Google Classroom, cat chat and all. Kids were asking how ‘fluffy butt’ (my cat) is doing. Hilarious but mortified!!

13. Not sure how we could top this one.

My professor was an Old Italian man. Great teacher, and speaking English was rarely an issue as he spoke it almost perfectly, just with a heavy accent.

That is until one day on a zoom he launches into a story about “being fisted by [his] brother.” He was like “- for example like when I was a child. There was this one time when my brother was fisting me really hard,” and suddenly the whole class was just staring eyes glued to the screen.

He then continued (must read in heavy old man Italian accent) “-He was fisting me really hard and it was hurting-” (he is currently thrusting his fist back and forth through the air to the bemusement of the class) “-but he was my older brother so there was nothing I could do to stop his vigorous fisting. Until one day…

One day I grow up big and strong enough to fist him back- ” (proceeds to thrust his other fist through the air in the opposite direction, miming “fisting,” his brother back) “- and I fist him so hard that he become scared of my fisting! He never wanted to be fisted by my again, and so I never again had to be scared of his fisting.”

Everyone was silent and trying not to laugh until someone posted a link to the urban dictionary page for fisting in the chat. My prof started laughing so hard we thought he was going to die (he was pretty old) before playing a small game of charades and finally figuring out that he didn’t know the English word for “punching.”

12. You gotta keep things interesting.

One of my classmates went the entire class with a storm trooper helmet on

11. I can feel the awkward.

One time a girl in my english class accidentally spent a solid 10 minutes talking to her boyfriend with her mic and camera on. She went into personal life details at points but no one wanted to be the one to tell her.

She eventually took out a bong, which was when another student quickly said “uhhh… [name], your camera and mic are on.” She turned both off without a word. Easily most awkward case of forgetting about the mic.

10. That’s some pig.

My mom teaches highschool seniors in a rural area. One kid showed up late and when she said “[Insert Name], do you have a good excuse?” He replied “Yes Ms. PartyShark Sr., I was training my show pig.”

They spent the rest of class with this student talking about what makes a show pig a show pig, showing the class his pig’s tricks

9. Way to go, Teach.

This kid on my class last week got on a call with his doctor and started talking about personal stuff.

My teacher was trying to mute him and was just screaming “nope nope nope” so we couldn’t hear the details.

8. Prof was kind of asking for it.

Tests are the only time we are required to have our cameras on. While looking through her students, my prof noticed something on someone’s desk. The interaction went like this.

Prof: “Please tell me you are not drinking Pepsi for breakfast.” She points at the two litre bottle of Pepsi on his desk.

Student: “Nah,” leans forward off camera, “It’s Dr.Pepper,” shows the camera a two litre half empty bottle of Dr.Pepper.

Prof: “That’s so unhealthy!! You’re medical professionals!!!”

Student: “Not yet!!!” Takes a swig of soda.

I laughed my ass off, and that conversation made my day.

7. Kids make everything funnier.

Our teachers toddler wandered in saying that “daddy wants to know where you hid his underwear”. We could not stop laughing.

I think it turned out she hadn’t hidden it and it was just in the wash

6. It’s nice to know everyone’s family is awkward.

Just now my literature teacher had to do a call with his little daughter all over him. He even lent her his phone to have her shushed down but she would block it and run to him to unblock it every 5 minutes.

Peak of the class is her screaming bloody murder while his wife emerged from the door behind him as my teacher was trying to explain who invented the word robot.

5. He held it as long as he could.

At the end of the class, the lecturer said thank you and good bye to everyone, but forgot to turn the screen and mic off, the did a massive fart and a huge audible sign of relief; paarrpp Ahhhh.

4. All you need is love.

Well 2 instances that come to mind:

We had been having a rough week as a class with assignments and exams, one of my professors kid came on near the microphone and said “you okay ? really? I love you all” It was a little thing but it made all of us smile for sure.

This happened a couplet weeks before those exams, we weren’t in the right headspace because back then Amazon wasn’t delivering, so none of us had books as such and it was difficult to manage assignments without them.

One of our professors asked us to close whatever notebook we had in front of us and spent the next 2 hours of her class talking about mental health of each one of us. More than half the people cried that day on that vc but none of us felt weird or anything.

3. A quick thinker.

Professor’s internet crashed. One guy changed his Zoom background to a weather report of some random city.

He proceeded to give a legit sounding news report of the weather. When the professor came back, he finished it off with “Back to you, professor!” Had me in tears.

2. Bless his heart.

My friend accidentally turned his camera on. He was taking a walk with his phone in hand, wearing flower shorts and shirtless. It took around 40 seconds for him to notice it, and everyone lost their shit.

1. Some days it’s just too much.

Professor started talking like he was giving a presentation. After like ten minutes, someone finally pointed out he wasn’t sharing his screen.

At that point he just gave up for the day and let us go super early.

I mean, the funny stories almost make the rest of it worth it. Almost.

If you’ve got your own (I know you do!) drop it in the comments!