What’s great about kids is that they have no idea that they don’t already know everything.

They think they’re putting one over on adults, that they’re getting away with something, and honestly, it can be pretty funny to sit back and let them think it (for awhile).

These 14 kids definitely think they’re pretty smart, but listen… they’re wrong.

14. That’s quite an argument.

You have to hand it to him (and send him to school).

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

13. Well…at least someone had showed her old television?

That poor grandma, though.

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12. This should be required reading before getting pregnant.

I do not understand people who chew ice in general.

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11. That little doggie is never getting big.

But Buddy is a good name for any dog!

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10. RIP a dumb little brother.

He’ll probably do dumb things, but probably not for you.

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9. Yeah, that seems legit.

You might want to at least run spellcheck before you try to scam people.

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8. Just have the hard talk now.

It’s not going to get any easier.

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7.  She looks so serious.

As a parent, just…what.

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6. What do you say to this?

You just touch the dead bee and move on with your life.

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5. If you want to murder your family, I guess.

Or spend your after-dinner hours barfing instead of watching football.

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4. This isn’t so bad.

It’s a basically free costume and your kid is weird. Double win.

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3. Kids are magical.

Here is the proof.

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2. Eh, he turned out fine.

Now, you’d feel pretty bad if someone had died.

Photo Credit: Reddit

1. What on earth do you even do with this?

If it was my kid, I might have just walked away.

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You’re dying to just pull one over on these adorable children, aren’t you?

Maybe it’s just me, and I’m evil.

Either way.