There’s a reason that deprivation is used as a form of torture – it absolutely screws with your ability to use your brain in a responsible, adult manner. Decisions suck, you want to cry all of the time, and yeah, you definitely forget things you normally wouldn’t.

It’s all a haze, those first weeks and months home with a kiddo, but if you’ve got a good sleeper, it gets better after that.

If you don’t, well. Godspeed my friends.

I’m not sure if these 14 parents have bad sleepers, new babies, or they’re just having a hell of a week, but they’re definitely making mistakes only sleep-deprived people make.

14. There is nothing worse than burning cookies.

Because now you have to fight your kids for the good ones.

13. Man, that hurts the pocketbook.

I’ve melted stuff in the oven, but never anything this precious.

12. I wonder how long she contemplated whether or not she had to throw it out.

Just me?

11. At least she didn’t feed it to the baby.

Or did she? You’ll never know.

10. No, those don’t match, but also…

One is on the wrong foot?

9. If you’re a parent and say you’ve never done this, you’re lying.

Also, how many times have you reheated your coffee today?

8. That’s where they go, right?

Give yourself a pat on the back for cleaning up, my friend.

7. The tiny human will learn one day.

Karma is always waiting, even if it takes decades.

6. Yeah that’s not going to fit.

Also, babies don’t need socks. The proof is in how they will not stay on their feet.

5. You’ve just got to laugh.

Unless you feel like crying, because then, by all means…

4. That awkward moment you have NO idea what you’re doing.

Major brain misfire, there.

3. I’m impressed she didn’t need the microwave for two days.

How does she warm up her coffee?

2. I have found my keys in the car more than once.

On the roof, in the ignition…you name it!

1. Hey, that would save a whole step!

Fewer bottles to wash, too.

I remember those days, but here’s the good news – you’re so foggy you probably won’t remember all of the bonehead moves you made, anyway.

If you recall doing something totally stupid in a sleep-deprived state, share it with us in the comments!