I don’t know one single mom that hasn’t, at least once since they had children, looked around, completely filthy and exhausted, and wondered just what in the heck they had done to their lives.

For most of us, those moments are nothing compared to the ones that fill us with so much love and awe we feel as if we’re going to burst, but I mean…we did kind of decide to nuke our previous lives, right?

If you’re looking for reminders about why, these 14 memes will remind you just how great it is to be a mom – craziness and all.

14. That’s not a great moment.

It’s somehow shocking every single time.

Image Credit: Winkgo

13. You’re trying so hard to keep it together.

But they can definitely see right through you.

Image Credit: Winkgo

12. First of all, it’s not going to happen.

Second of all, we would love it if it would. Just once.

Image Credit: Winkgo

11. Moms teach it all.

You just have to know how and when to soak it all in.

Image Credit: Winkgo

10. Perceptive little imp.

Good luck through the teenage years.

Image Credit: Winkgo

9. That’s one way.

Of course, Target could just be having a really good sale.

Image Credit: Winkgo

8. It’s never going to happen.

Bigger kids just have bigger problems.

Image Credit: Winkgo

7. It’s important to have supportive friends.

She knows the value of what you have created.

Image Credit: Winkgo

6. Every single day.

But I know I will miss this one day.

Image Credit: Winkgo

5. You’re just staring blankly.

Your brain is trying to turn off. It’s ok.

Image Credit: Winkgo

4. It’s not a competition.

But he should definitely learn to shut up.

Image Credit: Winkgo

3. You have no idea how many times they can say it in a day.

Or in an hour, for that matter.

Image Credit: Winkgo

2. The full range of human emotion.

It’s so great and so exhausting all at once.

Image Credit: Winkgo

1. Both are fine.

Your kids are happy and everyone is alive.

Image Credit: Winkgo

It really is the best life, no matter that it’s also the hardest life.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom? Tell us in the comments!