Kids are naturally clueless. They’re like, brand new in the world and so they haven’t had time to learn a whole lot of stuff, and listen – you should never be mad about it.

It’s hilarious, so consider it free entertainment!

If you’re in need of some laughs today, these 14 kids are ready to deliver.

14. Oh, to be in her head that day.

She probably adjusted their college accounts.

One of my earliest memories
byu/Crew_Joey16 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

13. That kid makes days everywhere he goes.

I hope I run into him sometime.

12. He’sย prettyย sure his mom isn’t a murderer.

But he just had to check.

11. It’s called an imagination!

Also, they’re entertaining themselves, so that’s a win.

10. Such a pure heart.

She has some to spare.

9. They could not be cuter.

Following directions or not.

When the photographer says โ€œtouch your cheeks togetherโ€
byu/DooDooPapa inKidsAreFuckingStupid

8. This would work on like 99% of kids.

And also on most adults I know.

7. These are the absolute best kinds of grandpas.

May we have them, may we be them.

6. It covers her nose and mouth, so it’s good.

Better than some adults manage.

Mom told her daughter to grab her mask so they can go to the store. This was the mask she grabbed.
byu/jorhey14 inaww

5. It does kind of look like a bra.

To someone who has only a vague idea what a bra is.

4. Definitely parent fail.

Bless her heart.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. Wise beyond his years.

Also, he can read!

Image Credit: Bored Panda

2. I mean, he knows smoking is bad.

And math is hard.

He’s cute tho
by inKidsAreFuckingStupid

1. I feel like this is some kind of metaphor.

One day he’ll get the joke.

My 7yo son was excited to show off his clay pirate boat
byu/TheDiscordium infunny

Kids, am I right? So funny.

What’s the funniest clueless thing your kid has said this week? Tell us in the comments!