If you’re wondering whether or not you’re the only person out there with crazy kids, a life that always feels up in the air, and a job that just won’t quit – in the year on steroids – you’re definitely not.

And if you need proof, let me offer up these 14 parents who are hilariously muddling through it all, just like the rest of us.

14. It’s important to be practical.

I approve of this parenting tactic.

13. Just living the dream here, people.

The things no one tells you, I swear.

12. Given the current state of the world, they’re learning it sooner.


11. This child is going places.

Not sure where yet; have to wait and see.

10. They weren’t bothering you though.

I fail to see the issue.

9. Never rob a house with young kids.

Or older kids parents don’t have money or nice things lol.

8. Hey, you gotta ask for what you want.

Otherwise you won’t get it for sure.

7. A “miracle.” Sure.

Let’s go with that.

6. Otherwise you could be taken straight jail.

I don’t make the rules, guys.

5. You can say you’ve had your workout today.

Now go and get a glass of wine.

4. She handled that about as well as can be expected.

Which is to say, probably laughing herself to death.

3. It’s never really what you expect on any given day.

That keeps it interesting, I suppose.

2. Kid has your number.

That’s what you get for raising him right.

1. But seriously don’t do this.

It’s terrible advice.

I’m definitely feeling more at home in my zany life!

What’s the silliest happening at your house since all of this started? We’d love to hear the story in the comments!